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Several Factors May Contribute to Roof Damage

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Your commercial or residential roofs may require a repair. Even though good quality cementing materials are used in the roof making these days, regular maintenance is necessary.

If left as-is for years, your roof can get damaged due to exposure to rain, dust, and various other external factors. To counter the problem, you would need to call us for reliable roofing Katy Texas.

What Causes Roof Damage?

Several factors can contribute to roof damage. Some of them are as follows:


Moisture can enter the roof and damage the cementing material. In addition, algae and molds can form a colony and slowly destroy the structure of your roof. Even though seals are used to prevent water from seeping into the ceilings, poor material or inadequate replacement can cause moisture-induced damage.

Besides, the discoloration can also occur on the roofs. Yellow and brown stains signal excessive water exposure and ruin the overall look.

Usually, water pipes pass near the roof. Therefore, any crack or leakage in them can badly affect it.

Besides, paint can also come off despite the protective film. Therefore, you need to stay cautious of the leaks and check your roof regularly lest it needs a repair.


Living in California, storms are a common occurrence. Considering the drastically changing climate, we can say that thunderstorms and other natural calamities are likely to become more frequent. Your roof is the topmost part of the house and is vulnerable to damage due to storms.

Storms can harm roofs in a variety of ways. The wind and hail, when too strong, can damage shingles, which are a protective layer covering the entire top. It further exposes the cementing materials.

Other than that, storms cause surrounding objects to break and fall. Debris can hit your roof, and if it is enormous, it may also completely disrupt the structure. In this scenario, you need to call The Katy Roofers for management and repair immediately.


Earthquakes of varying intensity occur occasionally. Generally, they are not much of a hazard, but if nature decides to hit you with a massive, ground-shaking earthquake, the chances are that your house, including your roof, won’t be able to bear it. Especially if you live in a crowded locality, your roof is more prone to flying debris and fallen trees.

Even if the roof doesn’t entirely fall off, there’s a high chance of it getting cracks that may result in secondary problems later.

Therefore, if you experience a natural disaster, you need to check for roof repair Katy Texas.

Poor Shingle Replacement

It is paramount to check everything from the quality of materials to adequate building at the construction time. If shingles are not placed correctly, there’s a high chance that the roof won’t last long.

Since it is practically one of the most critical parts holding the framework of your building, this can be a lot of financial loss.

As a company holding years of experience, we have built and repaired roofs for many clients with durable material that endures all kinds of calamities for a long time. Therefore, if you want a roof that is worth your money and won’t fall to the ground at a mere stroke of gusty winds, hit us up for roofing Katy Texas today!

When Do You Need Roof Repair, Katy Texas?

Sometimes, roofs don’t directly fall over. But they are still affected by external environmental factors and water leaks in your house. Cracks and broken shingles may not be visible to the eyes, and you might end up ignoring the damage, which can result in further problems. Some signs can help identify roof damage.


The roofs show watermarks, usually brown or yellow when exposed to excessive moisture.

Cracks and Tearing

Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and storms can cause cracks in roof walls.

Paint Damage

The roof paint can start coming off in pieces or might get cracks that signal moisture damage.

Curled Shingles

Cracked and curled shingles are indicative of roof damage. In this particular case, you need to immediately call for roof repair Katy Texas  as the roof might entirely fall off. We provide the best roofing Katy Texas that helps place high-quality shingles to prevent the problem.